How To Increase Natural Resistance Power With 4 Factors

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Man is born with a strong resistance power. If this resistance power is preserved carefully, it can keep a person healthy till the end of his life. Scientists have proved the existence of this natural resistance power through several experiments. Wrong habits of living and eating, irregular life, addictions, lack of physical activities, pollution and indiscriminate use of drugs are some of the major factors which adversely affect the natural resistance power of the body.

Natural resistance power
Natural resistance power

It is essential to discuss how We can preserve and strengthen natural resistance power of the body.

Proper dietary and living habits  :

Diet occupies an important place during sickness as well as during the healthy condition. But generally we tend to remain in different towards our dietary habits. Our diet should be balanced. The diet which contains carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in their respective appropriate quantities is called a balanced diet , which increase our natural resistance power.

a) Proteins are necessary for the formation of the body and also to compensate the daily wear and tear of the body. They are available from meat, milk and various pulses.

b) Carbohydrates not only supply the body with heat and energy but also keep various organs of the body functioning properly. They are available from various grains.

c) Fats too supply the body with necessary energy. They are essential for the muscles and joints of the body. They are available from ghee and various types of oils. There are two types of fat: saturated fat and unsaturated fat. To maintain health it is advisable to reduce the consumption of saturated fat ans replace it with unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is in high proportion in ghee, palm oil, coconut oil and vegetable ghee. Unsaturated fat is contained in sunflower, til, mustard and groundnut oil.

d) Minerals and vitamins, though required in a small quantity , are very vital for our body. They discharge various functions. They help us in the digestion of some of the components of diet, for proper absorption of the diet and also develop our natural resistance power.

Should take a balanced diet : 

In a balanced diet components should be in the following proportion: a) Carbohydrates 40 to 50 % b) Protein 15 to 20 % c) Fats 2 to 5 % d) Vitamins and Minerals 20 to 25 % e) Fibres 5 to 7 % .  It is essential to consider diet from yet another angle also.

There are two types of food: Alkaline and Acidic. After being digested in the body alkaline foods leave their residues with alkaline qualities and similarly acidic foods leave their residues with acidic qualities. The constitution of our blood is alkaline. So, it is desirable that our diet should be largely alkaline. Generally milk, fruits, green vegetables, edible roots and tubers are in the category of alkaline foods.

The grains contain alkaline and acidic qualities almost in the equal proportions, while sweets, fried items and non vegetarian foods are almost acidic. Diet which comprises 80% of alkaline foods and 20% of acidic foods is considered to be a balanced diet for increasing our natural resistance power.

Importance of dieting :

We have never fully understood the importance of dieting for maintaining good health. And therefore, food and overeating enjoy a high priority in our list of pleasure and sources of happiness. Overeating harms not only the stomach and the digestive system but also various other organs and systems of the body.

Overeating not only cause indigestion but also causes obesity. It causes toxicity in the whole body and increases tremendous pressure on vital organs like the heart and the kidneys and the liver. Celebrated dietician Dr. Ready Mellet says, ” Good health is maintained only if the food shoved into the human furnace ( i.e. digestive system) is burnt completely. After crossing the age of 40-45 different organs and systems of the body becomes weak in due natural course. So, it is natural that their efficiency also decreases.

After crossing the middle age one should consume simple and easily digestible food only and should avoid sweets, fried food and non-vegetarian food items. They should be substituted by fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, vegetable juices and soups.

Physical activity : 

For maintaining good health physical activity also occupies importance equal to that given to the diet. In aspect of increasing natural resistance power it is necessary to work out depending upon your age and convenience, a rigorous schedule of exercises such as jogging, swimming, skipping, yogasan etc.

Our digestive system should be fully normal and healthy if we wish to digest all the food consumed by us. Physical activity activates the heat generating system in our body and the food consumed by us is burnt away fully only when adequate heat for the same is generated.

Psychological equilibrium: 

It is now universally accepted that psychological factors do play a vital role in maintaining good health as well as for getting rid of ailments. Negative thinking causes an adverse effect on the health and positive thinking is good for the health. Now, it is necessary that everyone of us should learn the art of avoiding or diffusing psychological tension. Another sure and simple remedy is to practice ‘Shavasana’ .

Conclusion: Measures to strengthen the natural resistance power.
  • Develop proper understanding about the right living and dietary habits and make attempts to cultivate those habits.
  • Do not tend to over eat.
  • Reduce the consumption of sugar and salt.
  • Make physical activity a regular feature of your daily life.
  • Learn the art of avoiding mental tention. Look at the positive aspects of life. Be a detached person.




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