What Are 8 WheatGrass Juice Benefits

How 2 Make WheatGrass Juice Impressive

Wheat grass is fresh green leaves of wheat plant. It is gaining much traction among the health conscious generation in the form of dietary supplement. It is rich in nutrients such as amino acids, iron, magnesium, vitamins chlorophyll, minerals, calcium and enzyme. So, here we are going to know what are 8 wheatgrass juice benefits on different cases.

Wheat grass can be consumed in 3 ways: 1- Powder form, 2- Juice form, 3- Raw wheat grass. Wheat grass juice on an empty stomach, early in the morning is one of the best lifestyle habits for the healthy body. There could hardly be any other remedy that would match the efficacy of wheat grass in curing so many diseases . Many inspiring successful application of wheat grass as a therapy are recorded from all over the world.  Here, some of them are shared in brief.8 Wheat Grass Juice Benefits

What Are 8 WheatGrass Juice Benefits

Wheatgrass juice benefits in asthma

In the case of an old man John who was  a  chronic patient of cold, cough and sinusitis. Since last 10 years he had also been suffering from asthma. At a regular interval of every 4 to 5 days,he would develop a sudden spasmodic attack of asthma at night. He would wake up suddenly at night whenever he had an attack of asthma and he would pass rest of the night struggling hard for breath. With great difficulty he would manage to get rid of the spasm by taking drugs and medicines.

Besides asthma ,he was suffering from diabetes, arthritis and constipation also. He was fed up with drugs and medicines and often expressed a desire to die than to live such a life.

He heard about a Dr. and his successful therapy. And his hopes rekindled and he pain a visit to Doctors clinic. Dr. advised him to get admitted to his hospital for a few days . After a couple of days he got admitted there. But he was frightened when he was asked to stop taking all the drugs and take only wheat grass juice instead.

Although he was disgusted with drugs add did not wish to take them , it was beyond his comprehension as to how he would be able to manage without those drugs and medicines. But as he was admitted , he had no option but to follow his advice.

On the first day John was given the juice four times. The same night he had a severe attack of asthma . He pleaded with the doctor to give him drugs. But doctor was firm and rejected his plea. After some time, the spasm subsided and tired John went to sleep.

The wheat grass therapy continued. The dosage was gradually raised day by day. In only ten days, stiffness and rigidity of the joints began to disappear. Movements became easy and comfortable. Now he was able to do some gardening in the hospital compound. Day to day his condition began to improve. He felt less tired compared to his previous condition. After that doctor began to give him some raw solid diet in addition to the wheat grass juice. The solid diet included fruits, sprouted pulses and different vegetables.

After about a month, his health improved a lot. Attacks of asthma also ceased to bother him. Doctor discharged him from the hospital and permitted him to go home, but only after giving him the advice to continue taking wheat grass juice. He continued taking wheat grass juice till he died, but his asthma never reappeared.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in headache

A man suffering from headache since last five years. Though the headache was not very severe, he was unable to concentrate on his work due to constant pain. He felt restless all the time and was worried.

He tried several remedies. He consulted many expert physician, specializing in different disciplines. He got his sinuses cleaned and also got himself checked by the C.T scan at a famous hospital. Drugs and medicines granted him temporary relief but no sooner the drug action would cease, the headache would return. It meant that this headache was suppressed for the time being but was not cured for ever .

Once during his visit to a friend’s house, he saw a book on the wheat grass therapy. After going through that book, he too felt like experimenting. So he approached his friend for the necessary guidance. With some necessary guidance and instructions he left to home.

After reaching home , he started to take the wheat grass juice as per the regimen. On the third day , he rang up his friend to say, in frightened voice , that his troubles had increased. Headache too had increased and his temperature had gone up. His friend advised him to have some patience, continue the therapy for a few days and complete rest.

After a couple of days, he rang up his friend again to report that his temperature had returned to normal , headache was subsiding and he was feeling much better. After about a week, he called on me personally and said that his headache had disappeared due to the miraculous power of wheat grass.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in constipation

Mr. Nathalal Dave was a prominent cloth merchant . He spent his day hours sitting on a cushion mattress in his shop and returned home in his car late in the evening. Mr. Dave had been a patient of chronic constipation since many years. He always complained of stomach distention after meals. He had tried many ayurvedic remedies , laxatives etc. But they yielded symptomatic relief only.

Once when he was at Mumbai to attend a wedding, a relative suggest him to chew wheat grass every day in the morning. After about a fortnight, Mr. Dave wrote a letter to his relative , thanking for his advice. Wheat grass had produced the desired result. His constipation was gone. His belly felt lighter and he too felt fit and energetic.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in dysuria

A patient residing in Mumbai had undergone an operation for the removal of gall bladder stone. But he was not cured fully . He continued to complain of burning sensation while passing urine and soon after passing the urine he felt the sensation to pass urine once again.

Earlier he had heard about the wheat grass therapy ; but had never thought about employing it. Once he take his son for eye checkup to an opthalmologist , being a family friend, he advised him to take wheat grass therapy as routine. The doctor assured him that the therapy would work and also gave him the necessary guidance to grow wheat grass and take its juice in proper dosage.

Thereafter, he used to call on the opthalmologist frequently in connection with the treatment of his son’s eyes and reported to him about his progress as well. After about a month, he informed the opthalmologist that his complaint had totally vanished.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in menstrual disorders

A young girl of 17 was suffering from dymenorhoea . Her menstruation cycle was irregular. The period never started on time. During the periods she had severe pain in the stomach, abdomen and legs. She also complained of hypomenorrhoea. Sometimes, her menstrual discharge was scanty. Feeling embarrassed, she avoided consulting a doctor or taking any treatment.

One fine day she read an article on the wheat grass juice therapy in a newspaper. It was around that time only that she happened to join a training course in the magnet therapy. She began taking wheat grass juice and water treated with magnets. The next period passed without any pain. So, she continued her treatment and in three months all her troubles were cured.

Thereafter, the menstruation cycle became regular and painless. When her physical problems were solved, her psychological condition also improved . She became more cheerful and sadness on her face replaced by a smile.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in intestinal worms

A young girl (14) frequently complained of worms in her intestines. She got symptomatic relief by taking patent drugs. But the trouble kept on recurring again and again. As a result of this, she remained very weak and anaemic. She didn’t put on any weight in spite of making many efforts to do so.

Her mother had heard from someone about wheat grass juice therapy. She gave it to her daughter for six months. During this period, her stool test was carried out several times and the reports indicated that she was cured for her complaint of worms. During this period, she put on about 5 kg.of weight also.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in piles

A veteran physician suffering from oozing piles since last three years. Though he had tried numerous remedies, he had not had any relief.

On one day, while evening walk he heard about wheat grass juice therapy. Next day he decided to start the therapy. He began with a dosage of one teaspoonful juice and gradually raised the dosage. In the beginning, he frequently developed diarrhoea, but gradually his troubles began to subside. In about three weeks time, he stopped passing blood in the stool. And in about one month, he was completely cured of the piles. It was a miraculous relief. He was so well impressed by this therapy that he has become a staunch supporter of this therapy. And now he advises many of his patients to try wheat grass juice therapy.

Wheatgrass juice benefits in insomnia

Mrs. Batliwala (56) was a patient of chronic common cold. She complained of frequent sore throat, cough and discomfort.  She used to manage her affairs by taking drugs and medicines. She was suffering from insomnia also. Whenever she could not sleep till late night , she used to keep herself engaged in knitting and embroidery work.

One of her friend suggested her to try out the wheat grass therapy. So she consulted her nephew, who was a physician, for his advice. He laughed at the suggestion and dismissed it, by advising her not to get involved in any such treatment. He also advised her to consult some prominent specialist doctor. She followed his advise and took the medical treatment accordingly for four months. During the period of treatment , there were some ups and down in her health. Sometimes there was a slight improvement but then the trouble returned soon thereafter.

At last, she got fed up. Her condition began to deteriorate. So she finally decided to try out wheat grass therapy. One fine day she did sow the seeds of wheat and exactly after eight days commenced the regimen of taking wheat grass juice.

On the the second and third day, her cold registered some increase, but she had a better sleep. So her faith was not shaken. After about a week there was a positive improvement. The cold was reducing, cough and sore throat complaint had almost disappeared and she was able to sleep for longer hours at night. In about a month’s time, all her troubles departed for good. This treatment had yielded one incidental gain also. As her anaemic condition cured she looked more beautiful.

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Rather we know about what are 8 wheatgrass juice benefits there are many more advantages of taking wheat grass juice. Before employing any other form of treatment , give wheat grass therapy a chance to cure you and make you healthy.