What are Health Benefits of Juices

The use of improper food is perhaps the root cause of every disease. Raw food, vegetables and fruits are better for health than cooked food or fried food or food prepared in any other way. Compared to milk, juices of grapes, carrots, raspberries, strawberries are more effective for health and nourishment. Vegetables and fruit juices help to cure such diseases as cannot be cured by modern medicine and various therapies. Naturopathy or nature cure has been gaining popularity during the last few years particularly juice therapy. Today we will discuss the Health Benefits of 21 Juices.

Health Benefits of 21 Juices

By drinking juice your body can absorb nutrients quickly without having to digest fibres and other components in whole food. Moreover, it helps you get a larger intake of vitamins and minerals, more than you may be getting in your regular diet.


Health Benefits of Juices of Apple.

(An apple a day keeps the doctor away.) Apple is very useful in the cases of children’s diarrhoea. Though the apple has laxative qualities, the pectin in it checks diarrhoea. It is also recommended as a good remedy for gout and arthritis. Fresh apple juice is most wholesome when taken with honey. Apple juice gives relief in the weakness of nervous system, kidney stones, acidity, Indigestion, headache, asthma and dysentery.

Health Benefits of Juices of Beet Root.

( Beet juice can cure cancer.)Beetroot improves the quality of the blood. It reddens and vitalizes the body. Beetroot juice is successful in curing a number of cancer patient. It works successfully on a patient of malignant tumor also. Many patients gained weight by consuming beetroot juice. Beet juice is harmless and beneficial. As it is rejuvenating, it is effective in every type of weakness. It also purifies the blood and brings redness to the body.

Health Benefits of Juices of Bel.

( The juice of bel fruit has no equal, as a remedy for bowel complaints.) The medicinal value of bel is principally dependent  upon the tannin it contains. In digestive disorders and chronic dysentery, bel juice is regarded as an invaluable remedy. The use of bel juice is very valuable in bowel complaints and cholera. Thick juice made of ripe bel fruit is the best laxative. It destroys intestinal worms, stops nausea, vomiting and relieves cramps of stomach muscles.

Health Benefits of Juices of Bitter Gourd.

( A glass of bitter gourd juice keeps blood pure.) Bitter gourd juice purifies blood . It is an excellent appetizer. It eliminates the worms thriving in the intestine. It gives relief in piles. As it is diuretic it relieves the burning in the kidneys. It dissolves kidney-stone. Bitter gourd is advantageously effective in the cases of diabetes. A glass of bitter gourd juice taken on an empty stomach is beneficial to the patient suffering from arthritis and jaundice.

Health Benefits of Juices of Carrot .

( Carrot juice is very beneficial for eyes.) Carrots eaten by chewing cleanse and strengthen the teeth. Grated carrots mixed with a small amount of salt have beneficial effects on eczema. Carrots are excellent food for maintaining health of eyes. Carrots contains a hormone known as tocokinin. This is an insulin like compound which has been proved useful in diabetes.

Health Benefits of Juices of Coconut.

( Coconut juice is indispensable in cholera.) As green coconut water is diuretic, it is efficacious in urine troubles and kidney stone. It is very useful in cholera. On account of vomiting and diarrhoea in cholera, the body gets dehydrated sometimes and losses valuable minerals. Coconut water provides necessary moisture and salts to the body. Vitamin ‘B’ complex contained in coconut water strengthens the heart and vitalizes the nervous and digestive system.

Health Benefits of Juices of Cucumber.

( Cucumber benefits in  rheumatic conditions.) A glass of cucumber juice taken on an empty stomach is good for health. As cucumber is very low in calories. According to recent researches cucumber-juice is a valuable part of the treatment of rheumatic conditions. It is an excellent remedy for uric troubles . Those who suffer from diabetes and those who want to lose weight should make a liberal use of cucumber.

Health Benefits of Juices of Amla.

( Increases resistance power of the body against diseases) Amla juice is very useful in uric troubles. Drinking fresh amla juice for 2-3 months is helpful in conditions of sterility and semen weakness. Amla juice is the sure remedy for the eye – weakness and deafness. It is very helpful in constipation, blood impurities, jaundice etc. It gives relief in the weakness of the nerves and the heart.

Health Benefits of Juices of Fig  –

The juice of fresh figs is diuretic and so good for uric troubles. It keeps the liver, the stomach and the intestines efficient. It removes constipation, fatigue and weakness. Small children and pregnant women gain vigour by the use of figs.

Health Benefits of Juices of Ginger.

( Prevents malignancy of tongue and throat.) Juice or small piece of ginger taken before meals eliminate gas. It dissolves cough and exterminate cattarrh and cough. It corrects cardiac disorders and all abdominal disorders. Ginger juice is also helpful in oedema, uric troubles, jaundice, piles, asthma, cough, dropsy and other diseases. A few drops of ginger juice poured into the nose give sure relief in headache. Ginger also gives relief in cattarrh and sinusitis.

Health Benefits of Juices of Grapes.

( The grape is the noblest of all fruits.) Grapes are very good for relieving constipation. They give relief in piles. They have a soothing effect on excessive secretion of bile and the burning sensation in stomach. Grape juice bring good results to the patients suffering from general weakness, debility, stagnated weight, dryness of skin, dimness of sight, and burning sensation in the body.

Health Benefits of Juices of Jambul.

( In liver disease jambul juice works like liver extract.) Jambul is very effective in spleen and liver disorders. Jambul juice is many a time more effective than costly liver extract injections. It activates the liver and eliminates abdominal pain. It tones up the heart, helps to cure anaemia and gives relief in burning sensation in the kidneys. Jambul juice is an excellent medicine in the treatment of diabetes. It cures indigestion, diarrhoea, dysentery, kidney stone and leprosy and removes impurities from the blood.

Health Benefits of Juices of Lemon.

( Lemon juice is a powerful antibacterial.) Lemon juice prevents or restrains influenza, malaria and cold. Lemon juice gives good relief in fever. It gives immediate relief in abdominal disorders. Lemon acts as a sedative for the nerves and the heart and allow trouble some palpitation. Lemon juice is diuretic. It gives relief in kidney and bladder disorders. It has been used in destroying intestinal worms. It prevents vomiting and helps to cure hepatitis and other innumerable diseases.

Health Benefits of Juices of Melon.

( Melon juice is very beneficial in acute eczema.) Melon is cool and diuretic. It soothes burning sensation in the stomach. Its mineral content eliminate acidity from the body. It also has a property for curing constipation.

Health Benefits of Juices of Orange.

( Orange works as an appetizer.) Orange juice is very beneficial in constipation. It is useful in asthma and other bronchial troubles. It improves digestion and increases appetite. It increases vitality. It cleanse the blood and soothes bile . It is cool and refreshing. It cleanse the mouth. It destroys intestinal worms.

Health Benefits of Juices of Papaya.

( Papaya contains ‘ papain ‘ which helps to digest food.) The raw papaya juice is very helpful in expelling round worms from the digestive tract. The papaya is effective in liver troubles also. It helps to secure proper menstrual flow. The Ayurveda experts have regarded papain as a remedy for abdominal disorders. It is good medicine for dysentery, dyspepsia, hyperacidity and constipation. It is also useful in anaemia. Papaya is also a diuretic. It is therefore beneficial in kidney disorders . The ripe papaya is a sure remedy for constipation. It gives relief in asthma too.

Health Benefits of Juices of Pomegranate.

( Pomegranate juice allays cardiac pain.) Pomegranate juice is a tonic for the heart and allays cardiac pain. It cures vocal and mouth diseases. It has a soothing effect on the burning sensation in the stomach. It increases appetite and gives relief in anaemia. It is also useful in diarrhoea, dysentery and cough.

Health Benefits of Juices of Potato.

As the potato is alkaline, it is very helpful in maintaining the alkaline reserve of the body and preventing acidosis. It gives relief in constipation and pile. It is useful to the patient suffering from gout

Health Benefits of Juices of Sweet Lemon.

( Sweet lemon juice increases vitality and resistance against diseases.) In fever, when any other food is prohibited, sweet lemon juice proves to be a boon, providing nourishment to the body. Sweet lemon juice allays acidity and is an excellent appetizer. It rapidly normalizes the impaired digestion.

Health Benefits of Juices of Watermelon.

( In summer days, nothing is more soothing than the watermelon juice.) The juice of melon gives relief in abdominal troubles and it has a soothing effect on the burning sensation in the stomach. As it is diuretic, it is beneficial in kidney and bladder disorders. It is chiefly used for giving cooling effect on the body and the mind. It stimulates the process of rejuvenation going on in the body.

Health Benefits of Juices of White Gourd.

( Fresh juice of white gourd is as nutritious as mother ‘s milk.) White gourd juice, if given to T. B. patient, experiences relief in coughing and puts on little weight. It provides a good nourishment to a pregnant woman. The juice of white gourd mixed with a little honey works as a medicine for burning sensation in the body and the throat. It also gives benefits in blood – impurities, abscess, allergy, nose- bleeding and other ailments . It also gives relief in uric troubles. Boiled white gourd eliminates constipation and reduces blood – acidity.

These are some Health Benefits of 21 Juices. We can take fruit juice in different combinations also.


Raw food, vegetables and fruit – juices should be consumed for general health and well being. But to get relief from a particular disease specific juice therapy should be resorted to under the guidance of an expert. It is advisable to keep a gap of 3-4 hours between the two types of juices. Fruit juices should be taken in the first half of the day and vegetable juices should be taken in the afternoon or in the evening.

Health Benefits of 21 Juices
Comparision between fresh fruit juice and bottled juice:-

There has been a constant debate on whether bottled juices are better than fresh fruit juices. While the experts stand their ground on consuming fresh juices when it comes to opting a healthier approach, we weigh the good and bad of both fresh juice and bottled juice.

Health Benefits of Juices Health Benefits of 21 Juices

  • Fresh juice provides enzymes and chlorophyll which provide hydration, minerals and vitamins while bottled juice loose their nutritional properties as most of the enzymes get depleted.
  • Fresh juice is organic and free of modified organisms while bottled juice is often pasteurised to increase the self life.
  • Fresh juice provides most of the essential nutrients of a healthy meal while bottled juice contains more chemicals than nutrients.
  • Fresh juice is cheaper and easy to prepare while bottled juice is expensive and options are limited
  • Fresh juice contains 100 percent fruit pulp while bottled juice contains fruit concentrates instead of whole fruit, with artificially added flavours and sugar.
  • Since fresh juice has no self life it must be consumed immediately while bottled juice have a self life of two – four weeks.
  • Is it good to take juice every day_ Yes, a glass of juice every day is very beneficial for overall health.
  • Scientific benefits of juicing._Food when cooked loses its life giving nutrients and become lifeless. There is no possibility of getting energy, health or nourishment from this lifeless food. Food without life cannot bestow life.
  • Benefits of drinking vegetable juice in the morning. _ As raw vegetables are full of nutrients, if its juice taken in the morning, the empty stomach will absorb all the nutrition and give 100% result.

What are Health Benefits of Juices in morning  _

  1. Acidity.
  2. Indigestion.
  3. Asthma.
  4. Dysentery.
  5. Constipation.
  6. Cholera.
  7. Kidney -stone.
  8. Diabetes.
  9. Eczema.
  10. Jaundice.
  11. Anaemia.
  12. Destroy worms.
  13. Piles.
  14. Resistance power.

Conclusion :-An enzyme called insulin has become well-known. It is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates. Its deficiency causes diabetes. Sugar in the body of a diabetic does not get oxidised properly. Hence sugar is found in blood and the urine of a diabetic.

Enzymes are very vital for the body and health. Heat destroys enzymes. The body’s own accumulated stock of enzymes is like a bank balance. If you spend it more than necessary it will sooner be exhausted. Therefore, to avoid depletion of the limited accumulated stock of enzymes in the body, it is advisable to take natural food and live juices in abundance.