WheatGrass Juice Therapy In 10 Different Diseases

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WheatGrass Juice Therapy 

Experiments in wheatgrass juice therapy have been carried out at several research centres spread in different countries all over the world. Many centres are engaged in carrying out intensive research on the wheat grass and its medicinal effect. These experiments revealed that in most of the diseases wheatgrass juice therapy yields positive results to some extent or the other. Dr. Wigmore has successfully employed wheatgrass juice therapy for curing about 350 different diseases. Given below is a list of some of the dreadful diseases in which wheatgrass juice therapy has been found to be an effective remedy.

Here we can see wheatgrass juice therapy in 10 different diseases

WheatGrass Juice Therapy In 10 Different Diseases
WheatGrass Juice Therapy In 10 Different Diseases
A- Diseases of the heart and the blood circulation system:

(1) Anaemia (2) High blood pressure (3) Atherosclerosis (4) Internal haemorrhage.

Note: Wheat grass juice is a sure remedy for Anaemia. This disease generally does not respond to other common remedies. But many patients of anaemia have been successfully treated with wheatgrass juice therapy .

B- Diseases of the respiratory system:

(1) Common cold (2) Asthama (3) Bronchitis

Note: Common cold generally disappears after taking the wheat grass juice for about 4 to 5 days. But many cases have been recorded in which chronic cold was also successfully cured with the help of wheat grass juice . Asthama is a dreadful stubborn disease. Conventional remedies have not so far yielded positive and encouraging results. But it responds well to the wheatgrass juice therapy.

C- Diseases of the digestive system:

There is no other better and more effective remedy than wheatgrass juice therapy for disease of the digestive system. (1) Constipation  (2) Indigestion and flatulence (3) Nausea and vomiting (4) Acidity (5) Ulcers in the intestines and the stomach (6) Swelling on the intestine (7) Diabetes (8) Swelling and pain in the throat (9) Worms.

Note: Patients suffering from constipation are advised to chew wheat grass well at first and then swallow the residual lump afterwards. If cabbage juice is added to the wheat grass juice it yields quicker and better results in the complaint of Ulceration in the stomach and the intestines.

D- Complaints of teeth and gums:

(1) Carries in the teeth (2) Loose teeth (3) Septic in the gums (4) Ulceration in the gums (5) Bleeding from the gums.

Note: Wheat grass is an effective remedy for all the complaints of teeth and gums. It is advisable to chew the wheat grass and massage the juice on gums.

E- Diseases of the joints:

(1) Swelling on the joints (2) Pain in the joints (3) Osteoarthritis (4) Bone rotting.

Note: In the treatment of joints the wheatgrass juice therapy has to be employed patiently for a long time. The results are slow but sure.

F- Diseases of the brain and nervous system:

(1) Muscular tremor (2) Parkinson’s disease.

Note: Some instances of positive improvement in the diseases of the brain and nervous system are recorded.

G- Skin disease:

(1) Eczema (2) Acne (3) Boils (4) Cuts and wounds (5) Bites (6) Burns.

Note: As the wheat grass juice is an active blood purifier agent, it is very effective in the treatment of skin disease Such patients should take the juice orally and also apply it on the affected parts in the form of light massage. Dressing the wounds or boils with a gauge piece soaked in wheat grass juice expedites the healing process.

H- Renal diseases:

(1) Stone (2) Inflammation of the urinary bladder (3) Inflammation of the kidneys.

Note: Wheatgrass juice therapy has produced encouraging results in the treatment of renal diseases. Along with the wheat grass juice, if water treated with magnet is also taken the results are better and faster.

I- Disease of the reproductive organs:

(1) Dismenorhhea  (2) Sexual debility.

Note: Wheat grass juice is a proven remedy in the treatment of the reproductive organs.

J- Cancer: 

This dreadful disease is a great challenge for the modern medical science. Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, and surgery and conventional modes of its treatment. But most of these efforts meet with little success. Each and every cancer patient should invariably try out this therapy for getting rid of his cancer.


Wheatgrass juice therapy  has kindled new hopes in the war against such deadly diseases. Reports are pouring in from all over the world saying that this therapy has been successful in combating these diseases. Take this treatment only for 21 days. You will certainly realise that the disease is fleeting from your body and your body is once again bubbling with new spirit and energy. Wheat grass juice is not only a medicine but is also a rejuvenating agent for all human beings.

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1- Wheat grass juice medical benefits.

  • It works as immunity booster
  • Improves hair health
  • May lower cholestrol level
  • Good skin condition
  • It lowers inflammation
  • Good for teeth
  • Healthy digestion
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Loose weight.

2- Can we drink wheat grass juice daily.

It is advisable to take wheatgrass juice early in the morning on an empty stomach. After taking the wheatgrass juice ,do not eat or drink any thing for about half an hour. The juice gets absorbed in the intestines within half an hour.

3- How do you make wheat grass at home.

Technique for growing wheat grass:

  • Selecting a pot -Take a pot measuring one square feet and having a depth of about three inches.
  • Soil and manure- Very sticky soil is not desirable for growing wheat grass. It is necessary to add some manure to the soil in order that the wheat grass may grow well and may acquire some more nutritious elements.
  • Quality of wheat- For growing wheat grass a better quality of wheat with big grains should be preferred. Before sowing the wheat , they should be sprouted.
  • Sowing technique- First spread the soil in the container upto 2 inches. Spread the sprouted wheat on the soil bed. Now cover the grains with a thin layer of soil . Then sprinkle some water on it.
  • Watering- Give water only once in a day. But during summer ,it might be necessary to sprinkle water 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Precautions- Do not allow wheat grass to grow higher than 4 to 5 inches as the proportion of chlorophyll and other nutritious elements starts reducing.

Chewing wheat grass orally yields certain gains and drinking its juice yields some other gains. Those who wish to obtain gains of both the types should apply both the methods in fair measures. It is very essential that the wheat grass juice should be taken fresh , soon after it is extracted ; otherwise vital elements contained in it start perishing reducing the efficacy of the juice.

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